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Interested in LoFric® Hydro-Kit™?

LoFric® Hydro-Kit™ is an all-in-one catheter system. Each package includes:

  • Catheter with sterilization water
  • Integrated urine collection bag
  • Two different types of catheter tips (Nelaton/Straight and Tiemann/Coudé)

Wheelchair users find it particularly convenient. The collection bag also makes it ideal for bedridden patients. LoFric Hydro-Kit offers the freedom and reassurance to safely catheterize whenever you want, and wherever you want— whether a toilet is nearby, or not. Sizes are available for men, women and children.

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What do people who self-catheterize like about LoFric Hydro-Kit?

It’s Safe

LoFric catheters are coated with our unique Urotonic™ Surface Technology, which provides low friction and maximum comfort. This ensures the catheter remains smooth, comfortable and safe during insertion and withdrawal—minimizing the chances of trauma to the urethra.

It’s Discreet

You can discreetly take the LoFric Hydro-Kit anywhere. It’s foldable and will fit in your pocket.

It’s Easy to Use

Use the loop to hang the bag or insert your thumb to hold it. Sterile water is included, just press the water pocket to activate.

It Offers Better Control

The insertion grip gives you better control. You get a firm grip without having to touch the catheter with your fingers.

It’s Scientifically Proven

LoFric are the only catheters proven in multiple studies to be safe for long-term use.

Interested in joining thousands of other LoFric Hydo-Kit users?

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