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Interested in LoFric® Sense™?

Learn more about our discreet Female Catheter

LoFric SenseTM is tailor-made for women. This female catheter improves quality of life for experienced users and beginners alike. LoFric Sense is an attractive choice that discreetly suits your needs.


What do women who self-catheterize like about Sense?

It’s Safe

LoFric catheters are coated with our unique Urotonic™ Surface Technology, which provides low friction and maximum comfort. This ensures the catheter remains smooth, comfortable and safe, both during insertion and withdrawal. Minimizing the chances of trauma to the urethra.

It's Discreet

You can discreetly take the LoFric Sense anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your purse or a pocket, while ensuring complete emptying of the bladder.

It’s Easy to Use

Sterile handle allows for better control and a no-touch technique. Easy to open and close.

Interested in joining thousands of other satisfied LoFric SenseTM users?

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